The Beach Breaks


São Julião and e Foz do Lizandro, are two large beaches of clear sand where small peaks form and reform, according to changes on the existing sand banks, mostly provoked by the flow rate variations on the small rivers that recede in both places.

While the sands of São Julião are crossed by a small stream that marks the limits of Sintra and Mafra Municipal Councils, to the north of Lizandro River one can find the biggest sandy beach of the region, giving welcome to any visitor that approaches Ericeira World Surfing Reserve from south.

Back in time, Lizandro river was used by the Roman Galleys, impelled by a great number of slave rowers, to sail up to the site actually known as Senhora do Ó, and load the marble stones from Pero Pinheiro’s quarries. Also, more recently, as a place for picnics and romantic rowing tours for the 40’s and 50’s youth of Ericeira. Today it does little more than feeding the sand dunes from the beach that adopted its name, which was recently reformed to meet the new tendencies, totally committed to the tourism and Surfing.

São Julião also has its history. Its importance for men dates back to 9000 years ago.
At the end of the last ice age, the climate conditions have brought in abundant banks of mollusks, found and explored by groups of nomads, hunters and collectors, occasionally camping in that area.


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