Pedra Branca & Reef


Approaching the Cliff of Empa beach, you will find a very small bay of sand and rocks, with two incredible waves on the north side, Reef and Backdoor, and a perfect left-hander on the south end, elevating that little place to the condition of a natural asset of immeasurable value.

Back in the 1970’s, this small deserted beach, many times only holding little sand because of the work of tides, would not be noted by the pioneer surfers, too worried about the conditions that better make this extraordinary wave work, usually when tides are too high to surf the reefs, on the north side of the beach.

A big white coloured rock, full of sea urchins where you can touch while sitting on the surfboard waiting for waves, marks with accuracy the exact place where the wave sends its lip forward, initiating another incredible ride of tubes and turns all the way to the grey reef that grows from the beach.

Possibly because surfers’ don´t often refer to their cult sites by its name, preferring to use references to the wave out of their particular dialect, this place was spontaneously re-baptized.

Today, the wave is known all around the world for its perfection and intensity, but everybody calls it “Pedra branca” (White rock).


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